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Det går a

Det går att beställa programmet till Shetland Wool Week. 

Information från Shetland Wool Weeks nyhetsbrev.


Shetland Wool Week Annual

Pre-order Shetland Wool Week Annual 2015

We are delighted to introduce our brand new Shetland Wool Week Annual – 76 pages of inspiration, great photos, patterns and interesting writing, including an account of the remarkable story of Betty Mouat and her accidental trip to Norway by Kate Davies. Choose from a selection of patterns by many talented designers including Shetland Wool Week 2015 patron Donna Smith, Ella Gordon, Hazel Tindall, Outi Kater or Gudrun Johnston.

Since its conception six years ago Shetland Wool Week has grown into a large-scale, internationally acclaimed event which celebrates our unique textile heritage.

Shetland wool is a world class natural fibre, with a long standing reputation for quality, strength and excellence from the fleece to the textile products. Shetland knitwear has a deserved respect gained from many generations of hard working knitters and crofters producing some of the finest lace and Fair Isle knitwear in the world.

Please note that all orders will be shipped from 16th September 2015.

  • UK £9.90 + £1.00 P&P
  • Europe £9.90 + £3.00 P&P
  • World £9.90 + £3.60 P&P

Best wishes from the Shetland Wool Week team,